Family Re-Union Visa


Family member who wants visit to Italy with Valid Family Re-Union nulla osta.

Who should apply?

This visa is available to ordinary passport holders who are live in Bangladesh, want to accompany with their family member.

Visa Fees

In addition to the Visa Fees, applicant requires to pay the VFS Global Service Charge (inclusive of all taxes), as listed below.

VFS Global Service Charge Bangladesh Taka (BDT)
Visa Application 9860(Per Person)
VFS Global Service Charge 1935(PerPerson)
Bank draft 270(Per Person)

Documents Required


  • If there is any change between MRP and hand written passport or any amendment is done in the hand written passport, in that case you have to provide birth certificate, school certificate, voter ID card and self-declaration in support of your name that you are mention in your application.
  • Name, Father’s name, Date of birth should be same in all documents. NO exception will be acceptable.
  • Prepare a Family certificate according to the format instructed by the embassy. The certificate should be issued by the name of head of the family (Alive). All immediate family members name to be included in the certificate, immediate family includes husband, wife, and children. All relationship to be mentioned clearly. All address in the certificate should be actual and all seals should be clearly visible.
  • In case any adopted child is applicant, family certificate will have the word adopted besides his/her name.
  • Marriage solemnized date (12 no column of NikahNama) & Marriage registration date (24 no column of NikahNama) should be mentioned in Marriage certificate. Volume no, page no, serial. No. should available in Marriage certificate and
  • Nikahnama Bangla & English (All original).
  • In case of 2nd marriage; the applicant has to provide necessary first marriage documentation of previous wedding.
  • In case of marriage took place over phone/video conference, marriage certificate/nikahnama should contain that information with evidence of kazi’s physical presence.
    • Applicant’s passport should contain correct spouse name on the passport. Sponsor’s (spouse) passport also should contain spouse’s correct name if marriage took place before passport issuance.

    Italy Visa and Legalization Application Center

    Required Documents For Family Reunion Visa(Reunion Ricongiungimnto Familiare)

    Requirement List

    ‘D’ type visa application form fully filled  up with applicant Signature (In case applicant is under 18, legal guardian will sign the form)

    Passport (MRP) should be valid for 1year and 6 months and with at least two blank pages along with two sets copies of all passports.

    Two recent passport-size colour photograph’s (white background only). Photo should be taken from photo booth at VFS center
    Passports photocopies of sponsor’s who(Nulla Osta sender) (all passports, all pages)

    Valid Soggiorno photocopy & Carta d’ Identita attested from Commune/Kostura in Italy

    Family certificate from chairman/commissioner according to the embassy format.

    Additional requirement for spouse (first marriage for both)

    • Carta D Idenita and Soggiorno copy of sponsor (Attested from Italy)
    • Marriage certificate, Nikhanama Bangla & English
    • Marriage photographs.
    • Family Certificate from local chairman/ Commissioner.
    • Custodian paper from court in case of parents going to Italy by giving their children to other custody in Bangladesh. 
    • Photographs

    Required documents for children wants to meet with their parent

    • Valid Soggiorno( attested from Italy)
    • Carta D Idenita (Attested from Italy)
    • Marriage certificate(parents), Nikhanama Bangla & English
    • Marriage photographs.
    • Family Certificate from local chairman/ Commissioner.
    • Birth certificate (Birth record must be registered online at Bangladesh govt. website). Data on the hard copy certificate and online should be exactly same. Confirmation paper of online registration to be brought during file submission.
    • No objection certificate from local guardian of the children mentioning who will accompany the applicant during his/her travels. National ID/passport of legal guardian to show.
    • Guarantee letter from parent in Italy.
    • Death certificate when applicable.
    • Dependent certificates from chairman.
    • Declaration from parents.

    Additional requirements if parents want to meet their children

    • Valid Soggiorno( attested from Italy)
    • Carta D Idenita (Attested from Italy)
    • Marriage certificate, Nikhanama Bangla & English
    • Marriage photographs.
    • Family Certificate from local chairman/ Commissioner.
    • Dependent Certificate from Chairman / Commissionaire.
    • Declaration Certificate from parent.

    5. Required documents if husband/wife or both have got divorce before

    • Family Certificate (1st marriage)
    • Marriage certificate (1st marriage)
    • NIkahnama English and Bangla (original from Kazi) (1st marriage)
    • Divorce Certificate
    • Balam Bangla & English( original from Kazi)


    • Family certificate should include all family members. In case of any late member the name should be included with the word ‘late’ after name. Current address should be match with supporting documents of each member. Certificate should be issued by the name of head of the applicant.
    • Marriage certificate should be signed by Kazi with signature. Issue and signing by Kazi should be same.
    • All Bangladeshi Certificate have to be attested by Ministry of foreign affairs.
    • All pages of all the passports of husband/wife must be submitted (Photocopy).If any passport lost; lost declaration from Bangladesh High Commission in Italy or GD from Police Station in Italy is required.
    • Marriage certificate, Nikhanama Bangla & English (Muslim), marriage affidavit (Hindu & Buddhist, original National ID card/passport copy of priest to show) ,marriage certificate  from church (Christian).
    • All certificates have to be as per embassy guideline.  All Bangladeshi certificates have to be attested from ministry of foreign affairs.
  • In No objection affidavit; local guardian will have to mention who will accompany the child to Italy, as same as in the guardian application who lives in Italy.
  • In case of spouse visa applicant has to prove that his/her husband/wife came in Bangladesh during marriage ceremony by providing arrival & departure seal in passport photocopy
  • All Bangladeshi certificates have to be attested from ministry of foreign affairs. Please check the sign & MOFA code are there in Ministry seal.
  • Note: Do not use any fluid or overwrite in the documentation. Bring all original documents at the time of submission. Bring original Voter ID or study certificate if embassy asks for photocopy of those certificates.


Guideline for Certificates and formats:

Family Certificate:

Certificate should be issued by head of the family name.

In case of head of the family is expired, next senior member will be treated as the head of the family. Late member’s name will also be included in the list with note ‘late’ after the name.

Sequence of family members name would be from senior to junior, chronological sequence of date of birth

Relationship to be specified as the relationship among certifying person and other family member as if father is the head of the family, certificate will be issued by father’s name and in the relationship row, father will be specified as ‘Father’, accordingly ‘Son’, ‘Daughter’.

One certificate will not contain two family’s information. Such as, if grandchild and grandmother apply together, they will have two different family certificates, issued by individual head of the family.

Address in the certificate should be correct, as if any of the family member holds Italian residence ship but currently stays in Bangladesh, his/her address should be in Italy.

Marriage Certificate & Nikahnama:

Names details should be matched with other documents

The dates of solemnized and registration to be corresponds in the both certificates

Marriage Affidavit :( Hindu Marriage)

Names details should be matched with other documents

Signature on the marriage Affidavit of husband and wife should be as per their passports.

Signature of priest should be corresponds with his Identification document (National Id card/passport). The copy of identification document should be available with applicant to prove.

Both husband’s and wife/s pictures should be attached on the affidavit paper and the authority seal to be on the picture, seal will cover half on the picture and other half on the paper.

Dependent Certificate:

This certificate is applicable for the parents who are entiled to join their children in Italy.

The certificate should be given by local chairman/commissioner on their pad.

Seal and signature of the chairman/commissioner should be there.

Dependent certificate prepared by lawyer on the stamp paper is also acceptable.

In case of stamp paper, the signature and seal of lawyer should be there and applicant’s picture should be attached and stamped by lawyer’s seal.


This should be self-declaration of applicant certified by local chairman/commissioner.

Applicant’s signature on the declaration should be as per passport.

Affidavit of No Objection:

This document should be on stamp paper and from legal guardian of applicant if applicant is minor and applying without parents.

The letter should be from legal guardian.

Picture of legal guardian and applicant should be on stamp paer and paer will be signed by legal guardian.

Legal guardian’s Identification documents should be available with applicant to verify the signature.

The paper should be signed by advocate along with seal.

Above mentioned documents has to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Notarized.

Photo Specifications

Two recent passport-size color photograph’s taken in last 6 months (white background only.

Processing Time

Minimum 21 Calendar Days required for applying Family Re-Union Visa.

Download Form

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Visa Application Form

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D-Type (More than 90 days)

Visa Form Filling Guideline

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